About Jeet Kune Do

The foremost rationale of this Web Site is to introduce the concept of Martial Arts/Self Defense for people with a disability, to those of you who have a disability and
to those of you in the martial arts community. It is my hope that the information on this Web Site will change perceptions and get the message out that real self-defense is practical for individuals who use a wheelchair .

The philosophy of Wheelchair JKD is to provide those of you who use a wheelchair with a clear understanding of what is practical and realistic self defence as a wheelchair user.


The 3 core principles of Wheelchair JKD are:-

1. “It is better to hold”, balance is always an issue for those of us who use a wheelchair. By holding your attacker i.e. using lop sao to pull your attacker down and close, helps you to maintain your balance, but also helps with the force you strike with.

2. “It is better to injure than to just cause pain”

It is essential that we terminate the attacker as quickly as possible, we cannot get into a boxing match so just inflicting pain will allow your attacker to come at you again. However if you injury him you can control the conflict.

3. “Fight within OUR zone”

Over reaching will compromise your balance and the power you strike with. Keep the fight in close and in your zone, compromise your attackers balance. Forcing them to lean in and down to attack you reduces their options and power.