Choosing what works

While the examples of techniques I have used in this website work for me, you have to honestly assess if they are the most suitable techniques for you. If a technique does not work 100% for you, discard it immediately. When Declan and I were looking at techniques there were some techniques that worked for Declan but did not work for me and visa versa.



Defence against choke from front Defence against choke from behind Being attacked from behind demands an immediate response or your attacker will pull you back out of your wheelchair. Respond immediately by tucking your chin down against your chest and at the same time grab the front of your wheelchair pulling yourself down on to your lap {see left hand}... Read more →

Wrist Grab

Defence Against a Single wrist grab While there are a number of ways to disengage from your attacker. It is more effective for us to just pull our arm back into our waist and again respond with a Bill Jee. By drawing the attacker down into our zone it does not compromise our balance which is always an issue.

Shoulder Grab

Defence Against a shoulder grab This technique illustrates how effective it is when you trap and pull the attackers arm down and, most importantly, in towards your side trapping the arm. You can then strike with a Bil Jee.


Defence against a Punch  

Haymaker Punch

Defence against a Haymaker Punch As your attacker swings at you with a haymaker parry the strike and trap the arm at the same time pulling it down and into your waist striking the attacker with a Bill Jee