Real and practical self defence for a person with a disability

Look at you, the instructor, sitting down for some of the focus mitts work, but in general I would be recommending that you work from a standing position. It is important that you look at the height you hold the mitts. Unlike holding the mitts for someone who is standing, the height you hold it will have to be adapted. Remember that areas we can strike are reduced.The most important areas are the eyes, throat and the groin. Remember to sit down yourself to get a sense of what these target areas are like for a person sitting in a wheelchair. You will notice that if you get a colleague to stand in front of you the head only becomes a target if they reach down to strike or grab you
The head does become a target however if the attacker moves in to grab a person using a wheelchair. (See Pictures). You will notice that I am striking in an upwards direction. This simulates the direction of attack at the head if someone is reaching down to grab a person in a wheelchair.

It is interesting if you can get hold of a copy of “Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method, Self Defence Techniques” and look at page 118. You will see that Bruce thought about the reality of defending yourself from a sitting position.

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